Thursday, July 2, 2009

So Shady . . .

What's summer without the perf pair of SPF-blocking shades?

Unfortch, I am to sunglasses what Kryptonite is to Superman--a total destructive force.

And the more expensive they are, the faster they seem to get lost, broken or just simply disappear into the Bermuda-triangle like depths of my tote bag.

The first time I was able to spring for a designer label, I got a fab pair of Gucci sun blockers. I felt like I had arrived the moment I put them on, that exclusive double GG snobbishly letting everyone know I was a woman of means. Well, not really but they didn't have to know that did they? They lasted about a month before the teeny tiny, impossible-to- find-once-it-falls-out screw came loose.

I tried again through the years with D&G, Kate Spade, Dior and a few other bold-face brands with the same result. From then on I ditched the luxe lines for cheap chic versions. Some of my favorites have been from street vendors for less than $10 a pop. It's impossible to damage them! I have dropped them, stepped on them, left them on the dash in 90 degree heat, I even sat on a pair once! Nary a scratch.

Right now, I'm madly in love with the over-sized retro round style celebs like Nicole Richie and Jennifer Lopez have been sporting. Very "no pictures, please!" I've been wearing a Mossimo pair that I picked up at the bullseye emporium for about $12.99 that is very similar to their Jackie-O look, but I literally squealed out loud when I came across these beauts from Fred Flare.

Fittingly, they're called the "Nicole" and retail for just $11 (avail in black and turquoise). I'll be practicing my paparazzi pose until they arrive.

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  1. It's silly to spend hundreds on sunglasses. Target, H&M, and places like Ross and Burlington Coat Factory have amazing options for often $10 and under. I stock up so that I'm not upset when I inevitably lose or break a pair.