Thursday, July 2, 2009

Clutch Moves

Believing that "your jewelry should be priority number one when choosing your outfit," designer Amrita Singh combines her passion for bling with that other all-important accessory--handbags.

Case in point: Her Indian-inspired sari clutch has a glam goa jewel that adds a dramatic je ne sais quoi to any look from a pair of pegged jeans or classic LBD.

You might be stressing out about what to wear to so-and-so's wedding or wondering why suddenly every dress you see is strapless just when you're looking halter for a formal event, but when it comes to what to carry, it's in the bag.

Plus, this larger-than-it-appears clutch has plenty of room to stash your cash, lipstick, cell phone and credit cards. It's 11" in length when unrolled and 3.75" when rolled and looks much more expensive than it's $24 price tag (was $75).

It's just the thing to satisfy a modern girl's love for looking fabulously original.

Available for a limited time only at the sample sale, going on now.

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