Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Faith21: Plus-size Stylish Steals!

File this under refreshing: The fashion industry has finally realized that style isn't reserved for size-0 bobbleheads. Stores like Lane Bryant offer cute clothes, but if there are more than three plus-size women at one wedding, chances are at least two of them will be wearing the same dress.

Enter Faith21, Forever 21's new line for girls in sizes XL, 1X, and 2X.

Happily, there are no frumpy, slumpy mumus, though the leggings really could have been left on the cutting room floor. The collection is very spring/summer-y and the design aesthetic follows Forever 21’s trendy take on everything from runway knockoffs to jersey basics. Only the number printed on the label sets them apart from Forever21's regular line.

The looks tend to read a little young, as is to be expected, but there are a few pieces that can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe regardless of the taunting numbers on your birth certificate or the season.

The ruffle-front dress ($22.80), pinched trim dress ($22.80) and the front pocket pleat dress ($24.80) are fabulous shapes that will look good on just about anyone. Bonus: The neutral color palette means they can be accessorized to the hilt. You can get tons of mileage out of these pieces with a few pretty pieces, easily going from the glare of fluorescent office lights to blinking neon club signs. They're also totally wear-able for a weekend shopping trip or caz lunch with your gaggle of gal pals.

Work may be boring but who says you have to dress like it! For the 9am -5pm grind, throw on a blazer (#10,, $19.99 and #15,, $32.50) or cardigan and slip on a pair of heels, like the go-with-everything "Persia" peep-toe slings (#11, Forever21, $29.80).

The bold animal-print tote (#8,, $23.95) is stylish and large enough to schlep work papers, your cellphone and the breakfast of champions, a bottle of diet Pepsi. Add gold accents like the dramatic oval stone ring (#4,, $18) and rope drop earrings (#19,, $6.50) for a bit of professional polish and you'll be climbing the corporate ladder in effortlessly chic style.

After hours ditch the cover-up, rock a side pony, put on some sexy, arch-reveling metallic heels (#1,, $29.99) and show your personality with fun and flirty details. Pile on an armful of pretty in pink bangles (#9,, $4) and show "girls just wanna have fun" with a tres fab flower ring, (#13,, $3.80). Oh, and don't forget a pair of glittery earrings that sway to the thumping beat. Grab a cute clutch and dance the night away!

Leave the sweats at home for your weekend shopping trip. Put the white cardigan (#2,, $32.50) on over the ruffle-front dress and the striped metallic belt over it (#17,, $10.99). Sling the bubblegum pink hobo bag over your arm (#14,, $19.99), add a pair of ballet flats or gladiator sandals and you're good to go!

When temps start to get a bit nippy, winterize your Faith21 looks with a crisp, white blouse underneath, add some texturized tights and swap your strappy heels for a pair of booties or tall boots.

Really, the looks you can create with just one of these dresses and a little tzujzing are endless. Not bad for less than $30.

Other items shown:

Have you worn any of Faith21's fashions? What did you think?


  1. I've only gotten a shirt from the Forever 21 line. Stuff is cute, but it's ridiculous that to them a XL is a size 12, and the 2X is 15/16. Seriously. I don't get these companies that seem to want to pretend that ours is a nation of skinny-minis.

  2. Excellent post.!! Thanks for linking.. Well, I used to get most of my clothing and accessories from Charlotte Russe.