Monday, July 27, 2009

Shaving Cream Or Whatever's Handy?

Some of the best ideas happen by chance. Or in this case, a desire for extra sleep.

I was in the shower this morning after scrounging an extra few minutes under the covers when I went to grab a razor to shave my legs and what I thought was my handy bottle of body wash. Turns out the bottle I grabbed was my DCL conditioner, but I have to say, this improvisational "shaving cream" was the best oops ever!

I gave up buying flowery, silky shaving gel long ago to save an extra step and some cash, and usually just use an extra squirt or two of body wash when legscaping, though admittedly with sometimes stubbly and nicked results.

But the conditioner 1) It rinses out of one's razor much more easily than shaving cream. 2) One capful covers a massive surface area, such as an entire leg plus one armpit. Now that's what I call bang for the buck. 3) Whatever is in it that adds moisture to your hair does the same for your legs. Mine have never been this silky smooth after shaving before. I feel like a model in one of those Caress commercials; I simply can't stop touching my legs. They're like butta, baby!

Now I'm curious who among you buy shaving cream, versus those of you who prefer to multi-task using another product in your shower. Sound off on your shaving secrets in the comments!

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