Friday, August 14, 2009

Beauty and the Bag

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

And what better way to behold all that beauty than in an adorable make-up case? Not only can you get one of these "Lola" cosmetics carry-alls custom-designed to match all your handbags, they can also double as a clutch.

It's like a free gift with purchase!

Why bother putting your lip gloss and concealer in something so fancy, you ask? This makes me feel more stylish. And like a present with beautiful wrapping paper, it gets me excited about the stuff inside the bag.

Besides, when you lug around as many ICOME (in case of makeup emergency) supplies as I do, time is of the essence--I can't waste time digging around in the bottomless pit of my ginormous tote.

And for all you cruelty-free cosmetics cuties, check out this fab bag:

I think my gal at My Beauty Bunny would approve.

Ladies, isn't it time to update your makeup bag?

Do you use a makeup bag or just toss your gloss and powder in your purse and go?

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